Focused on technologies for decentralizing and democratizing the financial sector, the Center will bring together experts in academia, indu

Ali Hirsa, a financial engineering professor, mines data to design an algorithmic model for works of art.

Local governments and policymakers are anxious about the U.S. grid’s ability to withstand ever-increasing demand.

NSF/Amazon FAI grant will support IEOR team’s work to ensure that personalized targeting is fair

Bareinboim will develop a new framework that will lead to more efficient and robust decision-making; Kroer will develop new algorithms based on gam

Since joining Columbia in 2003, Kachani has distinguished himself as an outstanding educator, innovator, and administrator

For second year in a row, faculty win Urban Tech Awards to develop technology innovations to improve urban living in the face of the COVID-19 pande

Columbia engineers recognized for contributions to network theory, silicon photonics, biomedical imaging, regenerative medicine, mechanobiology, an

Engineering experts put emphasis on designing solutions that cater to peoples’ needs

During pandemic, Columbia engineers team up with the Fire Department of New York to improve EMS response operations and balance hospital capacity l