Faculty Research

Professor Shipra Agrawal was awarded the Amazon Research Award (ARA) for her proposal on “New Algorithmic Approaches for Reinforcement Learning, with Application to Integer Programming” and a Google Research Award for her proposal on "Robust Auction Mechanisms under Heterogeneous Buyer Behavior".

Our Graduates

Class President, Aakanxit Khullar (BSFE '18) and Iron Chef, Judy Joo (BSOR ’97) speak before the graduating Columbia Engineering Class of 2018. Aakanxit is joining Goldman Sachs this May as an Investment Banking Analyst.

Our Educational Programs

The Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research is the home to five educational disciplines: Business Analytics, Financial Engineering, Management Science and Engineering, Operations Research and  Industrial Engineering. 
Undergraduate Programs | Master Programs | Doctoral Programs

The Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research is the home to five disciplines: business analytics, financial engineering, management science and engineering, operations research, and industrial engineering. We are constantly producing prominent research in areas such as logistics, supply chain management, network algorithms, revenue management and many more.



In addition to undergraduate programs, the Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research offers graduate programs leading to the degree of Master of Science (MS) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). These programs are flexible, with a choice from among many concentrations, and with a sufficient number of elective courses to allow each student to concentrate in his or her area of interest. 

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Research & Centers

Research & Centers

The Department is constantly and consistently producing prominent research. In particular, research is conducted in the area of logistics, routing, scheduling, production and supply chain management, inventory control, revenue management, and quality control. New developments are being explored in operations research; in particular, mathematical programming, combinatorial optimization, stochastic modeling, computational and mathematical finance, queueing theory, reliability, simulation, and both deterministic and stochastic network flows. In finance, research is conducted in portfolio management; option pricing, including exotic and real options; computational finance, such as Monte Carlo simulation and numerical methods; as well as data mining and risk management. 

Projects are sponsored and supported by leading private firms and government agencies. 

Our faculty and students are involved in the work of the below research and educational centers:

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The Applied Probability and Risk Seminar is the joint seminar between IEOR, the Statistics Department and the Center for Applied Probability (CAP). 

The IEOR-DRO Seminar is a joint offering from IEOR and the Decision, Risk and Operations Division of the Columbia Business School to feature prominent research on decision-making through optimization, modeling and managing uncertainty, and all aspects of the operations function in firms.

The Financial Engineering Practitioners Seminar exhibits research and practice in financial engineering and related fields. The Seminars meets on Monday evenings from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and is followed by a reception and refreshments. We welcome attendees from industry and academia.

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