Student Groups


CU INFORMS is the undergraduate engineering club that represents the Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research (IEOR).

CU INFORMS believes in a community where your network can be a network of friends, not just professionals; that the leaders of tomorrow (and maybe already today) will be your classmates, your TAs, and your professors. Our hope is to build a strong IEOR community through friendship, mentorship, and leadership.

CU INFORMS’ mission is to:

  • Promote interest in the fields of IEOR
  • Foster a sense of community among students in the IEOR Department 
  • Provide mentoring for students seeking careers or higher education in IEOR
  • Connect students with speakers from industry and academia

Want to join CU INFORMS? Email them at [email protected] to show your interest!

Columbia Alpha Partners (CAP) seeks to cultivate the next generation of leaders in finance across the wide spectrum of the industry.

Engineering Graduate Student Council (EGSC) serves the graduate engineering students as a representative body to foster community, dialogue, and action. 

Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Consulting (ELC) aims to develop career specific skills within our student community through peer to peer learning that will enable our members to collaborate, learn valuable skills from each other and develop strong networks with peers as well as senior alumni. 

Engineering Student Council (ESC) serves the undergraduate engineers at Columbia.

Other Campus Organizations and Resources

Arts Initiative at Columbia University is a pioneering venture to make arts and culture a meaningful part of every Columbian’s experience.