Information for Employers

The Department is the home to undergraduate and graduate students studying Business Analytics, Management Science and Engineering, Financial Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. The programs provide a unique technical and quantitative background for individuals interested in pursuing career opportunities in a variety of sectors including finance, manufacturing, consulting, information technology, etc.

Please become involved with the department in establishing professional initiatives including recruiting and internship programs, information sessions, research seminars, etc. The IEOR Career Placement Team looks forward to building a partnership with you.

Finding Talent

The IEOR Resume Portfolio contains resumes of our current IEOR graduate students studying Business Analytics, Financial Engineering, Management Science & Engineering, Operations Research and Industrial Engineering. To assist you with selection, we have organized our students by program, graduation date, and alphabetically. 

The resume portfolios are password protected. Contact [email protected] for access.

To put in place expectations for both employers and candidates, the IEOR Career Placement Team has developed interview and offer policies. Any organization engaging with Columbia Engineering’s Career Team must abide by these following policies.

  • Students may not miss class for recruiting events or interviews.
  • Companies inviting students to a 2nd-round interview must notify them at least 72 business hours in advance.
  • Companies must offer an alternative date or time for 2nd-round candidates who have a scheduling conflict.
  • Companies requiring students to interview outside NYC must communicate its travel reimbursement policy in advance.
  • Companies must inform candidates of their status within 2 weeks of an interview.

Please also keep the Columbia holiday and exam schedule in mind when scheduling interviews.

Employers recruiting from Columbia are requested to follow the offer guidelines as outlined below.

  • We encourage employers to accommodate acceptable student requests for extended decision making time lines as warranted.
  • Companies must not ask questions implying a conditional offer, such as, “If we make you an offer, will you accept it?” Conditional offers force students to make a decision on the spot and can lead to a very negative impression of the company.

Students must be given a minimum of two weeks to accept any offer from the date the written offer is received or until the deadlines below, whichever is later.

  • Full-Time and internship offers as a result of Fall 2023 on-campus recruiting: October
  • Full-Time and internship return offers as a result of Spring 2024 or Summer 2024 internships: October
  • Full-Time and internship offers as a result of Spring 2024 on-campus recruiting: February 
  • Full-Time and internship return offers as a result of Spring 2023 or Summer 2023 internships: October

Exploding offers (e.g. an offer with a deadline of 24-48 hours to accept before the offer is rescinded) are prohibited. Any sign-on bonus should be honored provided that a student accepts their offer within the established deadlines outlined above.

Any violations by an employer may result in a suspension of recruiting privileges, such as job postings, recruiting events, and on-campus interviews. Also, the nature of the violation may be posted on our internal jobs board for up to 3 years. Students are also subject to an internal review process for issues of integrity (e.g., misrepresenting information, reneging an offer, etc.).

Recruiting Talent

There are a number of ways to engage the IEOR Department to source talent, such as posting an opportunity, starting an internship/recruiting program, hosting an information session, or reviewing the graduate Resume Portfolios.


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Come to Campus

Coffee chats are an opportunity for small groups of students to network with employers in a casual setting.

Hosting an Employer Informational Session is an excellent opportunity to teach our students (in-person or virtually) about your company.

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Post a Job

Fill an open role by posting opportunities for current IEOR students.

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Project Proposal

Learn how to propose a project or contact the Career Placement Team at [email protected].

Industry Projects

Students at Columbia IEOR are encouraged to engage with organizations to work on relevant industry problems while studying.  We encourage all types of organizations to propose their business challenges and ideas to us, allowing our students to apply their in-classroom technical skills to real-world applications.  We have had a number of successful engagements in the past with organizations including start-ups, mature Fortune-500 companies, non-profit and government agencies.

This win-win engagement is critical to the Columbia IEOR student experience. Industry projects are beneficial to organizations in many ways, including:

  • Connect with talented students that may be prospective recruits.
  • Obtain fresh and innovative perspectives on your business challenges, connecting leading research to practice.
  • Collaborate with a leading research university, and potentially develop valuable intellectual property.
  • Gain exposure to talented faculty, researchers, and practitioners.

We have a number of courses and talented faculty members who take part in industry projects, including:

  • IEOR E4111 Operations Consulting taught by Professor Soulaymane Kachani
  • IEOR E4524 Analytics in Practice taught by Professor Johar Hardeep
  • IEOR E4511 Industry Projects in Analytics & OR taught by Professor Michael Robbins

We welcome you to get involved! Learn how to propose a project or contact the Department Chair, Dr. Jay Sethuraman.

Executive Education

In our executive education programs, our distinguished faculty members share their experiences as thought leaders, researchers and practitioners to better prepare you to face and address the challenges of today and tomorrow.

For more details and information about our upcoming executive education programs, please send us an email.  

Industry Collaboration

Our faculty members have deep expertise in a wide variety of areas, including:

  • Option pricing, asset allocation, computational finance, behavioral finance, mathematical statistics, data mining and risk management
  • Supply chain management, inventory control, logistics, pricing & revenue management and social networks
  • Applied probability, stochastic modeling, stochastic processes, queueing networks and simulation
  • Mathematical programming, combinatorial optimization, graph theory, convex optimization, robust optimization, scheduling, network algorithms, computational biology, communication and information theory

For more information on our research activities, please visit individual websites of our faculty members, as well our research centers.

Please feel free to contact the Department Chair, Dr. Jay Sethuraman to discuss research collaborations you and/or your organization may have.