Tuition and Fees

We recognize that the pursuit of graduate studies represents a significant investment in time and financial resources. The budgets are designed to help you in financial planning, based on a a moderate student lifestyle.

2023-2024 Tuition & Fees

Visit Student Financial Services for the complete University guide, as well as any updates, to billing, payments and financial aid. Note that tuition is set by the University Board of Trustees and is subject to change. You visit the Graduate Engineering Aid for more information.


Please refer to the full listing of fees on the Student Financial Services website

¹  This budget assumes that the student is enrolled full time and will complete the degree program within two semesters.

²  This budget assumes that the student is enrolled full time and will complete the degree program within three semesters. Students who elect to extend their studies will incur addition fees and personal expenses.


We have provided the above estimated budget that may help you plan your finances. You may also review our Student Financial Services for the current year tuition and fees.

Eligible students are welcome to apply for an application fee waiver. Application fee waivers may be available for students who meet certain criteria including, U.S. citizens or permanent residents currently enrolled in a U.S. school with financial need, U.S. Military personnel/veterans, and students who participate in special programs (listed on the waiver form). Please do not submit a Request if you do not meet these criteria. To apply, please first create an online application and complete the program selection page. After, complete and submit the Application Fee Waiver Request Form, available in the blue box on the right-hand side of the Application Requirements webpage with the required documentation. Unfortunately, if you are not in one of the listed eligible populations, we are not able to grant an application fee waiver. If you have any follow up questions regarding this, we would recommend contacting [email protected].

For information about different types of funding options visit the website of our Student Financial Services. All prospective students should seek funding from external sources such as scholarships offered by philanthropic or government organizations. Eligibility requirements will vary depending on the sponsor. Separate applications will be required by each sponsor. To search a list of external scholarship opportunities you may use Columbia University's Find a Fellowship listing online or our Fellowship Directory. There are many other search sites available on the Internet. We also suggest you consult with faculty, administrators, or mentors, at your current or prior undergraduate school as they may also have knowledge of sources of funding.