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Our academic office hours are from:

  • Mondays to Fridays from 10am - 11am
  • Mondays to Thursdays from 3pm - 4pm

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Columbia Health Services and Engineering Wellness will be your best resources for your health and wellness needs. If you feel stressed, chat on the phone with a mental health professional or sign up for a meeting here

You will register for courses mainly through SSOL. Each semester, there are several periods when course registration opens up for you. These periods are called registration appointments. You may view your registration appointments in your SSOL account.

Looking for an internship? Connect with your Career Placement Officer and we will be happy to assist with you career plans.

IEOR E4999 allows for students to pursue paid internships for academic credit during the academic year. Students are allowed to register for up to 3 credits of IEOR E4999 Fieldwork total during their duration in their program. A student can take a maximum of 1.5 credits during the Fall & Spring Semesters, while they can take up to 2 credits during the summer semester.

Before you apply

  • Review our page for internship for academic credit - please make sure your offer letter clearly states the information that is required and that you are eligible for CPT.
  • We recommend you apply as early as possible. Please apply at least 3-4 weeks before the start of your internship to ensure your CPT will be processed in time.
  • You may take up to 3 credits of IEOR E4999
  • During the Spring & Fall Semesters, IEOR E4999 cannot be your only credit-bearing course
  • For the Summer Semester, it is acceptable for IEOR E4999 to be your only course

To apply

  • Submit a Fieldwork Request Form with all of the required information. Please read instructions very carefully.
  • On the form, you will be prompted to submit a CPT Request Form at the end. Please leave section 3 blank on the CPT Request Form as it will be signed by the department.


  • Once approved, the department will notify you via e-mail
  • Processing can take up to 5 business days

CPT Application: For F-1 students only

  • After departmental approval, follow ISSO's guidelines for submitting your CPT application
  • Review ISSO's instructions on obtaining a Social Security Number

Before you apply

To apply

  • Once you review the instructions, please submit your OPT application
  • In order to complete your OPT application, please upload your F-1 Post-Completion OPT Adviser Form at the end of the application
    • Leave the bottom section entitled "To Be Completed By The Academic Department" blank. The department will complete this section and return it to you via email.
    • If you are unsure about which dates to put on your OPT form, please refer to ISSO’s calculator


  • Your OPT form will be reviewed by an IEOR Department Administrator.
  • The signed form will be emailed to you once the application has been approved, along with next steps for completing the application with ISSO.
  • Please note that the processing time can take 7-10 business days
  • Please do not send CPT/OPT request forms to faculty advisors
  • Additionally, please make sure to submit your Application for Degree on SSOL under "Degree App Status" 
    • May Completion - Apply for May degree conferral (Deadline: February 1)

    • Summer Completion - Apply for October degree conferral (Deadline: August 1)

    • December Completion - Apply for February degree conferral (Deadline: December 1)

Regarding OPT Dates / Program End Dates

In some cases, students may require fewer than 12.0 credits in their final term in order to graduate. International students are allowed to register for the credits they need to complete program requirements and still maintain student status, even if this is fewer than 12.0 credits.

Courses not on the pre-approved list for your degree program require approval from the academic team before taking the course.  If you do not see the course on the list, you must request approval from the academic team via the course approval request form.

Business School Courses

SEAS Courses

  • Each department has their own cross-registration process. We recommend contacting the home department regarding further information and deadlines regarding their process.
  • Typically, the cross-registration applications open before the semester starts and close by the end of the add/drop period.

Non-SEAS Courses

  • If you would like these course to count towards your degree, you are welcome to inquire with your faculty advisor regarding approval
  • Typically, these courses will not be approved to count towards your degree requirements
  • If you would still like to take a course which will not count towards your degree, you may take it in excess of your degree requirements. For example, if your program is 30 credits, you may take a non-approved course for an extra 3 credits, for a total of 33 credits. Please note, courses are paid per credit.

Please refer to the Engineering Community Standards.