Jenny Mak

Executive Director, Columbia Engineering & Adjunct Assistant Professor, Teachers College

324 S.W. Mudd

Tel(212) 854-0757
Fax(888) 711-0037

Dr. Jenny Mak is the Executive Director of Columbia’s Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Department, and Executive Director of Graduate Career Placement for Columbia Engineering. She teaches graduate professional development courses and related workshops for Columbia engineers. Dr. Mak is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Teachers College, teaching a graduate level course in student development theories. Prior to joining Columbia, she served as a senior consultant in Deloitte Consulting and a technology consultant for D. E. Shaw & Co.

Dr. Mak is a four time graduate of Columbia University. She received a Doctor of Education, Master of Arts, Master of International Affairs, and Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Columbia University. Her research interests include intellectual and ethical development of college students, Asian student development, and adult learning.