Policy on Professional Commitment and Engagement

Commitment to attendance and engagement in the various activities and events organized by Columbia IEOR is crucial to students’ success. These activities and events are designed to enhance the student’s Columbia experience. The IEOR Team invests a considerable amount of resources to creating such events. We ask students to adhere to the following policy.

The types of activities and events include, but are not limited to:

  1. Employer presentations and visits
  2. Interviews
  3. Professional development course and activities
  4. Departmental signature events, including faculty-alumni-student events, networking events, student mixers, etc.
  5. Seminars and conferences

For each engagement, the Department will ask you to reserve a seat using email or an invitation system such as google forms or EventBrite and you are expected to attend and engage. If you cannot attend the event, the Department requires you to cancel at least (2) business days prior. For example, for an event held on Monday, you have until the previous Thursday to cancel. You must cancel your own seat directly such as by visiting Eventbrite. In select events, the Department reserves the right to set a customized cancellation policy. This will be articulated in the event announcement.

Excessive absences without cancellation may result in poor administrative standing as articulated in the Columbia Engineering School policy below.

At the department level, failure to comply and excessive absences without cancellation may lead to a Departmental disciplinary hearing and/or failure in the Professional Development course.