Life as a Doctoral Student

The doctoral program is demanding and rewarding, often requiring students to juggle the roles of student, teaching assistant, and colleague. The following are a few areas of concern regarding doctoral student life.


The IEOR Department provides tuition and a monthly stipend for at least four years, provided satisfactory progress is made. This support is for students who have been awarded teaching assistantships and SEAS fellowships. The department encourages students to seek outside funding whenever possible (ie, National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowships).


Many doctoral students are expected to serve as teaching assistants (T.A.). This is an excellent opportunity for students to hone their skills in teaching and presenting. They work collaboratively with the instructor in varying tasks include course administration, teaching, grading, and course design. T.A.s from the department have won a number of outstanding awards recognizing their excellence in service.

Office Space

Each funded student will be given a designated desk in a shared office. The doctoral offices are located in the same area as faculty offices in order to facilitate collaboration.


Many doctoral students live within walking distance from campus. Upon acceptance, the department and Graduate Students Office will work with students to apply for housing.