Course Assistantships

The Department offers Course Assistantships to select graduate and advanced undergraduate students. A Course Assistant (CA) is a student who has demonstrated exceptional academic promise in an area who can assist a faculty member in course administration. In order to be considered for the Course Assistantship, the Department requires that you be: (1) a current registered student; and (2) in good academic and conduct standing with the University. By applying for the position, you are indicating that you understand this. In addition, your submission provides consent to the Graduate Student Services or Office of Judicial Affairs to release information pertaining to your disciplinary/conduct history to the IEOR Department.

Course Assistant position Application

Apply for a Course Assistant position.
You will be notified by email if you are assigned to a course.

Duties include: grading exams and homework assignments, classroom preparation and maintenance, course administration and liaison (i.e. emailing and addressing students, respond to course inquiries), and paperwork as necessary. Course Assistants do not instruct. Faculty will evaluate Course Assistants at the end of each term; future assignments are based on faculty evaluations and academic performance.

Course Assistants are compensated positions. Compensation is based on enrollment and amount of work assigned. If you are awarded a Course Assistantships, you must see Ms. Kristen Bulatovic within the first two weeks of classes with necessary documents needed for payment.

**You must complete and submit all of your paperwork by the deadline provided, or you will not receive compensation**

Paperwork needed for completion are as follows (NOTE: All paperwork must be submitted single-sided):

1. Please fill out the following in the personal action form (PAF):

a. Name
b. Social Security Number (please write "Applied" if you currently don't have one)
c. Home and Mailing address
d. Personal Column
e. Work Eligibility Column
f. Education Column (please note if it's a BS/BA)

2. W4 Form (please make sure that the address is a US address)
International Students and Scholars need to follow the W-4 instructions on the IRS website.

3. Columbia University Casual Employment Form

4. Labor Law Section 195

4. Employee Withholding (NYS Tax) (address should be the same as W4)

5. For international students who are from a country that has a tax treaty with the US - you must see Carlos Lira-Coppo at the address below to complete Form 8233. Form 8233 must be submitted by citizens of the following countries: BelgiumChinaFranceGermanyKoreaIcelandItalyMoroccoSpainThailand.

Carlos Lira-Coppo
615 West 131st Street
Studebaker Floor 4
New York, NY 10027

6. Self-Identification Form

7. Complete the first part of the I-9 form and then go to 210 Kent Hall with the original documents (no copy or faxed materials). You must submit the I-9 receipt you receive from Kent Hall with the remainder of the CA paperwork.

8. For international students: Foreign National Information Form

9. For international students: Copy of Visa, Passport, I-20

10. For international students: If you do not have a Social Security Number, please see Ms. Kristen Bulatovic to obtain an official letter to apply at the Social Security Office. Then, go to ISSO (524 Riverside Drive) to obtain their signature. Bring your passport and I-20 Visa. 

NOTE: You must sign up for Direct Deposit via You will receive an email notifying you when you are able to sign up for direct deposit.

You must  fill out this timesheet and submit it after receving your payment information. 

Course Assistants will be paid on a bi-weekly basis once all paperwork has been approved by Columbia HR.


Exam Proctoring Responsibilities

  • At beginning of Exam:
    • Notify students of what they are allowed to use on the exam (i.e. notes, calculator), as described in the exam instructions. All phones and other communication devices are to be turned off and put away.
    • Have all students deposit coats, bags, and other personal belongings at the front of the room before being seated.
    • Ensure that students are seated at an appropriate distance from each other.
    • It is strongly recommended that proctors and professors work together to use assigned seating for the exam.
    • Pass out appropriate exam materials and inform students of time limits.
  • During the exam:
    • Ensure that the testing environment is free of distractions and noises.
    • Carefully monitor test takers, which could include walking around the exam room.
    • Allow only one student at a time to leave the room, and instruct them to leave their cell phone on their work area or with you.
    • DO NOT bring reading materials or other distractions which keep you from adequately monitoring the exam room. Turn your phone on silent and use only in the case of an incident.
  • At the end of the exam:
    • End exam at the appropriate time and collect all materials directly from students.
    • Deliver exams directly to the instructor or TA who is in charge of grading the materials. They SHOULD NOT be left in a folder anywhere in plain sight.
  • In the case of an academic integrity incident: