Yared Nigussie

Adjunct Assistant Professor
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Yared Nigussie joined Columbia University's Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Department in 2012, taught a course in Graph minor theory, and is currently devoting all his time to research.

Yared received his PhD from the Ohio State University, under his thesis adviser, Neil Robertson, a distinguished professor who is one of the two founders of the Graph Minor Theorem.

Previously, Yared has also participated in collaborative research with mathematicians at the Information Technology Institute (ITI), Charles University, Prague. Prior to that, he was a consultant for Bell Laboratories (Lucent) in implementing the IP technology in telecommunication.

Yared's teaching and research interests are mainly structural graph theory, minors, homomorphisms, and some algorithms. He has published in journals such as Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B, European Journal of Combinatorial Theory, and  Journal of Graph Theory.


Finite structure for Friedman ideals of finite trees

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