Undergraduate Programs

The Department offers two undergraduate programs: Industrial Engineering and Operations Research. Students majoring in Operations Research can select one of three optional concentrations: Analytics, Engineering Management Systems or Financial Engineering. 

Undergraduate Majors and Concentrations 

Industrial Engineering (IE)
Operations Research (OR)
OR: Analytics (OR:A)
OR:Engineering Management Systems (OR:EMS)
OR:Financial Engineering (OR:FE)

Undergraduate Minors

Industrial Engineering
Operations Research
Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Undergraduate Advanced Track

The undergraduate advanced track (UAT) is designed for undergraduate students with the desire to pursue graduate work. This option is available for all five undergraduate major tracks in the department. Students with a minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 3.4 and faculty approval have the opportunity to participate. Students are invited to apply to the track upon the completion of their sophomore year. Advanced track students are required to take higher level IEOR courses including:

IEOR E4004 instead of IEOR E3608
IEOR E4106 instead of IEOR E3106
IEOR E4403 instead of IEOR E4003
IEOR E4404 instead of IEOR E3404
and MATH V2500

Students successfully completing the requirements of the undergraduate advanced track will receive recognition on their academic record.

Students must submit an application to join the UAT Track. 

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