Undergraduate Program Plans

Class of 2017 (Follow Bulletin 2014-2015 - sophomore year bulletin)

Class of 2018 (Follow Bulletin 2015-2016 - sophomore year bulletin) 

Class of 2019 (Follow Bulletin 2016-2017 - sophomore year bulletin) 

Class of 2020 (Follow Bulletin - sophomore year bulletin) 


IEOR Core Courses:

The IEOR Department has a set of core and elective requirements for each of the four undergraduate tracks. IEOR program plans and bulletins are provided to assist students with their academic course scheduling. We ask that all students follow their designated bulletin (bulletin year during the second year). We ask all IEOR majors to take the core courses during the prescribed semester.  Delaying core courses is not permitted and may result in future scheduling conflicts and delay in graduation. Request to drop an IEOR core course during the designated semester may result in an unofficial withdrawal (UW) on the transcript. 

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