Technical Problems

I’m having problems entering data and/or uploading documents in the online application system, what can I do?
Make sure your internet browser is the most up-to-date version as possible; older versions can cause problems with the system. Try working on a different computer if your problems persist. Make sure you are not attempting to upload non-supported file formats. If you still have a problem, please contact us by email

I am not sure if I have submitted my application correctly. How can I check?
Please log into the application system. You will be able to see the contents of each of your application's sections, and check whether the data matches what you intended. You can change your application even after having "submitted" it.

Do all of my application materials need to be submitted online?
Most of your application materials must be submitted online. The only exceptions are your official TOEFL and GRE test scores. The official test scores should be sent to us directly by ETS using the appropriate school code, as specified in the "Test Scores" section of the online application system. All other materials, including letters of recommendation, must be submitted electronically. Unfortunately, we cannot make exceptions to this rule.

What if I don't have the latest version of Mozilla or Microsoft Internet Explorer? Will the online application still work for me?
Please try filling out the application using your current browser. If you run into any problems, we strongly suggest that you upgrade your browser and install the latest version of Mozilla or Internet Explorer. We cannot support older browsers, unfortunately.

My password will not work. Why?
Passwords are case-sensitive, so check your "caps lock" key. If you are still unable to login, then have the application system send you a new password to the email address that you provided. You can do this by just filling out your email address, with no password, in the main login page of the application system.

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