IEORE4208 Seminar in Human Factors Design

Instructor: Leon S. Gold

3 pts. Lect: 3. IEOR E4207: Human Factors: Performance or the instructor's permission. This course is an elective undergraduate students majoring in IE. This course is an advance seminar in the field of human factors. A significant part of the course will explore methodologies and tools that facilitate the integration of psychological and human factor research in the design of new products and processes. The first part of the seminar will discuss methodological issues associated with human factor research and product evaluation. The second part of the seminary will address specific "user centered" methodologies (ISO, ANSI) that support the design process. The third part of the course will explore alternative product evaluation techniques. Students will be required to critique scientific research articles in class, and to perform a usability evaluation of a redesigned product. This is a seminar and therefore class participation is important. The opportunity to pursue individual interests in human factors (e.g. consumer, financial and medical product design, human computer interaction, stress, error analysis, usability evaluation, augmented cognition) is strongly encouraged.

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