Rodrigo A. Carrasco

Universidad Adolfo Ibàñez, Assistant Professor
PhD in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research
Rodrigo Carrasco earned his doctoral degree in the IEOR Department and is currently an Assistant Professor at Universidad Adolfo Ibanez. His research interests include optimization, combinatorial problems, computational methods, machine learning, and approximation algorithm analysis and design, specially in applications related to energy/power management.

He worked with Professors Garud Iyengar and Cliff Stein, building algorithms for several energy management related optimization problems. Additionally, he has been a teaching assistant for several courses in the MS Program in FE program and in the Spring 2013 semester he taught the course "IEOR 4630 Asset Allocation".

Before joining IEOR Rodrigo obtained a BS in Electrical Engineering/Industrial Engineering (double major) and MS in Control Systems at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and later worked for 4 years at Booz Allen & Hamilton in projects both in South and North America.
You can find a list with all his publications here: Publications.

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