Rob Cohan

Kovida.IS, Director and Co-founder
BS in Operations Research:Engineering Management Systems

Rob Cohan is a co-founder/Director at Kovida.IS, a boutique technology consulting & design firm based in New York City.  Kovida.IS focuses on implementing and other cloud-based platforms for emerging, small, and medium businesses. Kovida.IS is a service-oriented firm that aims to provide clients with lasting, scalable solutions and persistent, accessible support.

After graduating from Columbia University with a degree in OR:Engineering Management Systems, Rob worked as an Operations Analyst at FreshDirect where he worked with several departments in order to identify opportunities for improvement. Rob built and maintained plant-wide productivity reports and schedules.  Upon leaving FreshDirect he set out to broaden his horizons overseas with a real estate firm based in Singapore, sharpening his sales skills and working with clients from all corners of the globe. 

Rob has been a long-time member of PrimeProduce, a NYC 501(c)3 not-for-profit that innovates platforms for creative and entrepreneurial volunteers to positively impact the NFP sector. He also served on the board of the American India Foundation (NYYP Chapter) for three years and still remains involved with the organization whose mission is to accelerate social and economic change in India by mobilizing people and resources in the United States.

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