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Tamar Senderowicz
Career Placement Officer

MSFE Internship and Job Placement Statistics

Columbia’s MSFE program is dedicated to assisting students with professional development, internship and job placement upon graduation.

As the MSFE Career Placement Officer I work exclusively with each student to translate their long term goals and determine the best possible way to apply their quantitative finance skills to industry.  Whether you are coming directly from undergrad or have 10+ years of work experience, I will work with you to translate your interests in strengths into a rewarding next step.  The world of quantitative finance has changed dramatically over recent years and our career placement and curriculum strive to stay at the forefront of new growth and trends.   

Together with the IEOR Career Team, we source internships and jobs that align with the MSFE core curriculum and also organize weekly employer and recruitment events either within the IEOR department or onsite at the employer in New York City. This ever-changing calendar of targeted recruiting events and Financial Engineering seminars will keep you quite busy for the duration of the program.  MSFE students also benefit from the numerous resources such as employer presentations and mock interviews run by the Center for Career Education at Columbia University. 

MSFE graduates most typically gravitate towards quantitative roles in banks, hedge funds, asset management firms and ratings and financial services advisory firms. The most predominant functional roles for MSFE graduates are often in algorithmic trading and trade support, financial modeling and quantitative strategy, portfolio management, valuation, quantitative research and risk management and we offer concentrations in Computation and Programming, Computational Finance/Trading Systems, Finance & Economics, Derivatives and Asset Management. 


“Columbia MSFE Students are known to be the most well rounded, bringing both highly quantitative skills and a well-honed professional presence to our firm”

All admitted students are required to complete a Career Pre-Work before entering the program and will be required to complete a Professional Development Curriculum during the first semester.  These requirements prime MSFEs for their targeted job search and interview process and provide the experience you will need to be successful in this competitive marketplace.

In 2013, our MSFE Professional Development Curriculum culminated in a competitive mock interview program with MSFE alumni working in some of the most elite and cutting edge firms on the street prior to recruitment season.

The 2013 Alumni Mock Interview Program featured the following firms:

AQR Barclays Ernst & Young Perry Capital
AXA Equitable Credit Suisse Goldman Sachs Standard Chartered Bank
Bloomberg Deutsche Bank Morgan Stanley Standard & Poor’s

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