IEOR Courses By Number



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IEORE2261 Accounting and Finance (Undergraduates Only)
ORCAE2500 Foundations of Data Science (Undergraduates Only)
IEORE3106 Stochastic Systems and Applications (Undergraduates Only)
IEORE3402 Production and Inventory Planning (Undergraduates Only)
IEORE3404 Simulation Modeling and Analysis  (Undergraduates Only)

SIEOW3600 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
 (Undergraduates Only - Not Offered)
IEORE3608 Foundations of Optimization (Undergraduates Only)
IEORE3658 Probability for Engineers (Undergraduates Only)
IEORE3900 Undergraduate Research or Project (Undergraduates Only)
IEORE4000 Operations Management
IEORE4003 Corporate Finance for Engineers (Undergraduates Only)
IEORE4004 Optimization Models and Methods
IEORE4007 Optimization Models and Methods (Financial Engineering) (FE Only)
IEORE4009 Non-Linear Optimization (not offered)
IEORE4100 Probability Models (Management Science and Engineering) (1.5) (MSE Only, by application)
IEORE4101 Probability Models (Management Science and Engineering) (MSE Only)
IEORE4102 Stochastic Models (Management Science and Engineering) (MSE Only)
IEORE4106 Stochastic Models 
IEORE4111 Operations Consulting (starts first Fall semester, all-year course - MSE Only)
IEORE4150 Introduction to Probability and Statistics 
IEMEE4200 Introduction to Human-Centered Design (1.5) 

IEORE4207 Human Factors: Performance 
IEORE4208 Seminar in Human Factors Design 
IEORE4211 Applied Consulting 
CSORW4231 Analysis of Algorithms 1 

ECONGU4280 Corporate Finance (By application)
IEORE4307 Statistics and Data Analysis 
IEMEE4310 The Manufacturing Enterprise 
IEORE4403 Quantitative Corporate Finance (Same as IEORE4003)
IEORE4404 Simulation 
IEORE4405 Scheduling 
IEORE4407 Game Theoretic Models of Operations 
IEORE4412 Quality Control and Management 
IEORE4418 Transportation Analytics and Logistics
IEORE4500 Applications Programming for Financial Engineering 
IEORE4505 Operations Research in Public Policy
IEORE4507 Healthcare Operations Management 
IEORE4510 Project Management 
IEORE4520 Applied Systems Engineering 
IEORE4521 Systems Engineering Tools and Methods 
IEORE4522 Python for Operations Research (1.5) 
IEORE4523 Data Analytics for Operations Research (MS only)
IEORE4524 Analytics in Practice (MSBA only)
IEORE4525 Machine Learning for OR & FE
IEORE4526 Analytics on the Cloud 
IEORE4540 Data Mining for Engineers 
IEORE4550 Entrepreneurial Business Creation for Engineers 
IEORE4555 Design and Agile Project Management Engineering Lab 
IEORE4560 Lean LaunchPad (Week-long course in mid-January, By application only)
IEORE4561 Launch Your Startup: Tech
IEORE4570 Hacking for Energy
IEORE4571 Personlization: Theory & Application
IEORE4572 Data Analytics and Python for OR (BS only)
IEORE4573 Computational Discrete Optimization
IEORE4574 Technological Innovations in Financial Services (1.5) 
IEORE4575 Designing Digital Operating Models 
IEORE4576 Derivatives Marketing and Structuring (1.5)
IEORE4577 Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs (zero credit) 
IEORE4577 Operations Research Methods in Marketing (1.5)
IEORE4578 Tools for Analytics
Risk Management from the C-Suite Perspective (1.5)
IEORE4600 Applied Integer Programming (Not Offered)
IEORE4601 Dynamic Pricing and Revenue Management
IEORE4602 Quantitative Risk Management (Not Offered)
IEORE4620 Pricing Models for Financial Engineering 
IEORE4630 Asset Allocation 
IEORE4650 Business Analytics 
IEORE4700 Introduction to Financial Engineering 
IEORE4701 Stochastic Models (Financial Engineering) (FE Only)
IEORE4703 Monte Carlo Simulation ( FE Only)
IEORE4706 Foundations of Financial Engineering (FE Only)
IEORE4707 Financial Engineering: Continuous Time Models (FE Only)
IEORE4709 Statistical Analysis and Time Series (FE Only)
IEORE4710 Fixed Income and Term Structure Modeling (Not Offered)
IEORE4711 Global Capital Markets 
IEORE4714 Risk Management, Financial System & Financial Crisis (1.5) (not offered)
IEORE4715 Commodity Derivatives (1.5) 
IEORE4718 Beyond Black-Scholes: The Implied Volatility Smile 
IEORE4720 Deep Learning
IEORE4721 Mathematics of Financial Engineering Primer (zero credit) (FE Only)
IEORE4721 Correlation Risk Modeling and Management   (Summer semester)

IEORE4722 Modeling and Market Making in Foreign Exchange (1.5) (Summer semester)
IEORE4723 The Contemporary Financial System: An Introduction for Financial Engineers 
IEORE4724 Risk Management and The Financial System (1.5) 
IEORE4725 Big Data in Finance 
IEORE4726 Applied Financial Risk Management 
IEORE4727 Programming for Financial Engineering
IEORE4728 Quantitative Alpha Strategies (1.5)
IEORE4729 Model Based Trading: Computational Models of Analysis & Execution

IEORE4731 Credit Risk Modeling and Derivatives 
IEORE4732 Computational Methods in Derivatives Pricing 
IEORE4733 Algorithmic Trading 
IEORE4734 Foreign Exchange & Related Derivatives Instruments (1.5) (Summer semester)
IEORE4735 Structured & Hybrid Products
IEORE4736 Event Driven Finance
IEORE4738 Programming for FE 1: Tools for Building Financial Data and Risk Systems (FE Only)
IEORE4739 Programming for FE 2: Implementing High Performance Financial Systems (FE Only)
MEIEE4810 Introduction to Humans in Space Flight 
IEORE4900 Masters Research or Project
IEORE4998 Managing Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship 
IEORE4999 Fieldwork (Graduate Students Only)
IEORE6613 Optimization I 
IEORE6614 Optimization II 
EEORE6616 Convex Optimization  
IEORE6704 Queueing Theory (Not Offered)
IEORE6711 Stochastic Models I 
IEORE6712 Stochastic Models II 
IEORE8100 Advanced Topics in IEOR
DROMB8000-060 Introduction to Spreadsheet Optimization and Simulation (zero credit) (MSE Only)
DROMB8106-060 Operations Strategy (1.5) (Summer - second half)
DROMB8107-060 Service Operations 
DROMB8108-060 Supply Chain Management 
DROMB8110-060 Business Analytics Strategy
DROMB8111-060 Analytics for Business Research (1.5) (Summer - first half)
DROMB8112 Quantitative Finance: Models and Computation 
DROMB8116-060 Risk Management

DROMB8120-060 Sports Analytics 
DROMB8122-060 MSE Game-Theoretic Business Strategy 
DROMB8123 Demand and Supply Analytics
DROMB8127-060 Immersion Seminar: Big Data (second half)
DROMB8130-060 Applied Statistics and Data Analysis (1.5) (first half)
DROMB8131-060 Sports Analytics
FINCB8307 Advanced Corporate Finance 
DROMB8510-060 Managerial Negotiations (with Game Theoretical Analysis) 
MRKTB8617-001 Marketing Research (Summer semester)
DROMB8858-060 Data-Driven Entrepreneurship 
IEORE9101 Doctoral Research (PhD Students Only)
DROMB9106-001 Applied Multivariate Statistics (Summer semester)
DROMB9122-001 Computing for Business Research 

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