IEOR Computer Lab Policies

There is no drinking or eating in this lab-no exceptions!


The User name is your Columbia UNI.

The Password for -NEW- IEOR accounts: --Initially it is set to the last 4 numbers of your social security number or the last 4 digits of your Columbia-assigned temporary social security number.

Recommended: After you first log in, change the password to the same thing that you used to set up your email/Cunix account. This is done by first hitting CTRL+ALT+DELETE. Then click on change password.

The password for a CONTINUING student (if you were registered for IEOR classes last semester): Should be what you last set it as


S: maps to the folder of public software installed on the server Prince.

W: maps to your local profile folder "C:\Documents and Setting\your_id".

Your whole profile is limited to 5 megabytes. Common users' profiles cannot roam over network.

Z: maps to your home folder on the server Prince. Your home folder can roam in the IEOR LAB, but you cannot map your Z: drive from more than one computer at the same time.

Alternatively, you can access your home folder by using ftp client software WS_FTP and connecting to with your IEOR username and password. FTP enables you to access your home folder over the Internet.

The size of your home folder (i.e your Z: drive) is limited to 100 megabytes.


The lock on the door to the lab is managed by the IEOR Department not by Columbia "facilities" as is most of the other locks on campus. Access is based upon the ss# (or temp ss#) read from the swiped card. A data base of eligible users who have accounts in the lab is created along with an IEOR lab account and uploaded to the lock.

If your ss# changes and you have a new Columbia Card that incorporates this change, the lock will have to be uploaded again with your updated data for swipe access to work again for your new card. If this happens, see the lab administrator, Sam Lee.


There are no printers provided in the IEOR Lab. Under "Printers and Faxes", mud251a, mudd251b and mudd251c refer to printers located in the Mudd Building on the second floor Room 221-the Gussman Lab run by AcIS. You can send print there. The number of sheets of paper allocated to each user depends on what grade level you are in undergraduate or graduate. An increased paper quota may be purchased from AcIS in Philosophy Hall.


There is a scarcity of extra outlets in the lab but you can use the ones available to the left of the front door as you walk in on the tables next to the wall where there are 4 PCs. The lab also has a wireless access point to Columbia's network.

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