IEORE4207 Human Factors: Performance

Instructor: Leon S. Gold

Additional Information: IEOR_E4207_Fall_2016_Syllabus.pdf

3 pts. Lect: 3. Refer to course syllabus. This course is required for undergraduate students majoring in IE. This course provides a survey of human performance engineering in the design of consumer products, user interfaces and work processes. The goal of the course is to provide the student with the ability to specify human performance variables affecting user performance, safety and satisfaction for a variety of products and task requirements. Topics include task analysis, information processing, anthropometry, control and display design, human computer interaction, usability testing, usability cost/ benefit analysis, forensics, motivation, group dynamics and personnel selection. Course requirements include a research paper and a (group) product redesign project. At the end of the course students will have a deeper understanding of the research and psychological principles underlying human performance capabilities and limitations. The hope is that this course will encourage students to become more of "a user advocate" in their future endeavors.

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