How To Start A Company/Startup


For this talk, I’d talk about only the initial stages of starting a startup. I’m planning to focus on “getting started” rather than “building a big company”. Most of what I’ll talk about will be from personal experience.

1.    About Myself - background and where I am today

2.    About Stilt - what we do and where we are today

3.    Overview of types of companies this advice is applicable for - predominantly technology companies/startups that don’t require large funding to get off the ground

4.    Ideas - how to come up with ideas for projects

5.    Side Projects - Thinking of companies as successful side projects; doing a lot of side projects to learn new skills that lead to a startup

6.    Testing Projects - Getting initial users and figuring out if something is working

7.    Setting up - Steps to adding complexity, people, and organization as a side project is working. Personal experience of setting up a company while on an H-1B visa

8.    Incubators as a way to get initial capital - Experience of applying to Y Combinator and other incubators; discuss our Y Combinator application that got us in the program

9.    Questions - questions from the audience

Presentation Slides

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