Columbia IEOR's FE MOOC rated as one of the Best and Most Useful

The IEOR Online Course, Financial Engineering And Risk Management (Part 1) offered on Coursera by Professor IyengarProfessor Haugh and Professor Derman is featured in the Business Insider as one of the 16 best and most useful free online courses that are actually worth taking.

"This is a more involved and technical finance class, but it's well worth it for people that want a deeper understanding of how markets work and how to invest.

The class focuses on how to build the sorts of models involved in "financial engineering," the creation of derivative securities (investments with prices based on other assets). It will also look at the role that some of these assets, particularly mortgage backed securities, played in the financial crisis." AX NISEN

The sequel to the course, Financial Engineering And Risk Management (Part 2) will be starting in January 2014.

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