FE Practioners Seminar (Christian Lawless)

September 19, 2016 | 6:00pm - 7:00pm

FE Practioners Seminar (Christian Lawless)

Schapiro Hall (CEPSR) Davis Auditorium
Title: The Future of Financial Services and Financial Technology

Abstract: The Future of Financial Services and the global economy is being driven by a new breed of engineers and technologies from analogous sectors which are creating enormous change and influence. These new companies are at the center of unlocking new data sets providing real time, micro level insights into industrial activity, logistics, global trade, inflation, consumer patterns and social sentiment. This is creating substantial disruption and opportunity across a variety of sectors in Financial Services, and the future of the industry may look very different than what the market is expecting. We will review the events that created this opportunity, and the mindset that is needed to survive and prosper in this new environment.

Bio: Christian Lawless is the Founder and Managing Partner of Conversion Capital LLC, a premier early and growth stage Venture Capital Firm with over 125 years of experience in Financial Services Innovation, Military Intelligence and Entrepreneurship focused on the the transformation of the global economy driven by disruptive technological innovation in Financial Services. 

Christian’s career has focused on the intersection of Technology and Financial Services across numerous asset classes and credit cycles. Christians vision for Conversion Capital stemmed from the belief that the future of the global economy, and therefor Financial Services will be re-shaped by new technologies and engineers from analogous sectors creating enormous change and influence. He has over 16 years of Financial Services and Technology experience, including business building and leadership where he served as Managing Director at firms like Nomura, Lehman Brothers and Barclays. He has been a guest lecturer on the Future of Financial Services at various institutions and is an active Board Member, Strategic Advisor and Investor in numerous companies including Improbable, Orchard Platform, Blend Labs, RedOwl Analytics, Booster Fuels, Immuta, Fiscal Note, Planetary Resources, LearnVest (Acquired), Pre-Data and many others. 

Christian is also the Founder and CEO of Conversion Capital Group, which operates Conversion Intelligence, Conversion Advisory and Omada.io

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