Early Registration for New MS Students

Incoming MS students can register for Fall 2017 classes starting Wednesday August 2nd through August 11th, 2017, if you have completed your MMR paperwork. If you are unable to register during this time, or wish to make adjustments, you will have an opportunity to register when you arrive on campus for orientation.  The last day to make adjustments is September 15, 2017.

You must read the following instructions very carefully. Failure to read instructions may result in cancelled registrations.

1. Registration Instructions

Students register for classes on Student Services Online.

Step 1: Login to Student Services Online with your UNI and UNI password.

Step 2: Click on the "Registration Appointments" menu. Registration appointments are designated times during which you may enroll in course(s) using SSOL registration.

Step 3Register for courses during the registration appointment times. Click on the link below for the courses to register; do not register for any additional coursework.  

Step 4Review Early Registration Tips.

2. Registration restrictions

During this early registration period, you are only allowed to register for:

  • IEOR courses (Industrial Engineering and Operations Research courses) – e.g. IEOR E4004
  • IEOR courses in conjunction with another department – e.g. CSOR W4231, IEME E4310
  • Professional Development & Leadership courses – e.g. ENGI E4000
  • Special MSE Electives DROM B8107-060/061, DROM B8116-060, DROM B8131-060, DROM B8150-060/061, DROM B8858-060, and DROM B8816-001 (Note: MSIE and MSOR students are limited to (1) of these courses starting late August. See: Registration Restrictions)  

Students who fail to adhere to the course restriction policy by registering for courses other than those listed above will have their registration voided.  We may have to drop all of the courses to which you register, including your IEOR courses. You will then be limited to the availability of courses in late August when registration reopens.

3. Degree Requirements and Courses

Review the following documents for more information about your degree requirements and course selection.

4. Additional Electives (Business, International Affairs, Economics, etc.)

You will have an opportunity to register for additional electives when you arrive in August. If you are interested in taking courses from other graduate schools such as Graduate School of Business (GSB) or School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), you may request such courses in late August. 

Happy registration!  Shall you have any questions or concerns, you may reach out to the IEOR Academic Affairs team. You must use your Columbia email address to contact us, so we can properly identify you. Emails sent using non-Columbia emails will not be attended to. We also welcome you to post your inquiries on the IEOR Advising Facebook page! 

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