CIENE4130 Design of Construction Systems

CIEN E4130 provides an overview of the means and methods of vertical and horizontal construction. This course will emphasize the engineering design of these means and methods. The design of means and methods is normally the responsibility of the Contractor. However, an understanding of the design aspects of means and methods is also vital to Owners and Consulting Engineers to assess the constructability of their projects. This course will include the determination of design loading during construction, the design of:

- Support of excavation systems including soldier pile and lagging, sheet pile, concrete diaphragm (slurry wall), secant wall and soil mix cofferdams.
- Earth Retaining Systems including Modular Gravity Walls, Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls, Soil Nailing, and T-Walls.
- Construction Dewatering
- Temporary Supports and Underpinning
- Instrumentation and Monitoring Systems
- Mined Tunneling; Equipment, Mucking and Support Systems in Soil and Rock
- Selection of Crane Erection Systems, Pad pressures, Rigging and Lifting devices
- Concrete Formwork
- Falsework and Shoring Systems

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