Career Resources

The IEOR Career Team has put together a collection of resources to help you formulate and move toward your future career goals. Utilizing these resources early in your academic career will allow you to develop the tools necessary to be competitive in your field of choice.       

This list of resources is intended to help you complete the summer career pre-work as well as serve as a launching pad for your job search. We have comprised information regarding many industries including finance, consulting, technology, big data, and startups. You will find specific recommendations on suggested coursework and on-line resources for sharpening and/or obtaining specific skills (such as programming) that will increase your competitiveness.   

These links provide online resources you may find useful such as:

  • Recommended reading materials to ensure you're up-to-date with what's happening in related industries
  • Useful websites for researching companies and job opportunities relevant to your skills and interests
  • Useful information on how to leverage social media to your advantage
  • Steps, tips, and videos for developing your professional pitch
  • Resume and cover letter guidelines including sample templates
  • Job seeker sites listing the most recent openings
  • Resources to enhance English speaking and writing proficiency

In addition, Columbia’s Center for Career Education (CCE) has a wealth of information, tips, suggestions, and resources to aid you during your career search. While we have included some of them in our resources, we encourage you to explore their website thoroughly, particularly their industry-specific pages (Finance, Consulting, Engineering & Technology, Start-Ups).

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