BS in Operations Research:Engineering Management Systems

This concentration within the operations research program is designed to provide students with an understanding of contemporary technology and management. It is for students who are interested in a technical-management background rather than one in a traditional engineering field. It consists of required courses in industrial engineering and operations research, economics, business, and computer science, intended to provide a foundation for dealing with engineering and management systems problems. Elective courses are generally intended to provide a substantive core in at least one technology area and at least one management area.

Due to the flexibility of this concentration, it can incorporate the varied educational needs of preprofessional students interested in law, medicine, business, and finance. In addition, most students have no difficulty adding a minor in economics or computer science to their standard course schedules.


Undergraduates are strongly recommended to follow the sequence of courses as outlined in the SEAS Bulletin. The prerequisites for this program are courses equivalent to those listed in the first- and second-year program. We encourage all students to take ECON W1105, IEOR E2261, COMS W1004/W1007 (JAVA), IEOR E3658, IEOR E4307, Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Ordinary Differential Equations during their first two years.

It is recommended that required courses are taken in the semester specified in the Bulletin since later courses will assume adequate preparation.

We ask all IEOR majors to take the core courses during the prescribed semester.  Delaying core courses is not permitted and may result in future scheduling conflicts and delay in graduation. Request to drop an IEOR core course during the designated semester may result in an unofficial withdrawal (UW) on the transcript. Only students with special academic circumstances may be allowed to take these courses in alternate semesters with the consultation of CSA and Departmental advisors.

OR:EMS students are required to complete a four-course Technical concentration and a three-course Management concentration. If a required technical course is not available, it must be replaced by a technical elective with the written approval of a faculty adviser.

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