Bart Rothwell

Quantitative Trader
MS in Financial Engineering
Bart is currently a Quantitative Trader at an investment adviser in San Francisco.  Prior to joining his current firm, Bart worked as an Assistant Trader on the index desk at Susquehanna International Group, LLP. He graduated from the MS Program in Financial Engineering at Columbia in 2009, after deciding to retool his skill set and turn his attention toward quantitative finance following a 15-year career in software development. During these years, Bart performed work ranging from the development of 3D graphics for video games to the application of neural networks to the prediction of stock market volatility. In addition to his Columbia degree, Bart holds a Masters degree in Physiological Psychology from UCLA, where he emphasized the study of computational neuroscience and neural networks, and a Bachelors degree in Physics and Astronomy from U.C. Berkeley. During his career, Bart has also spent four years as a professional poker player, earning his living playing limit and no-limit Texas Hold'Em in the poker rooms of Southern California and Nevada.

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