IEORE4211 Applied Consulting

Instructor: Mark Herman

Additional Information: IEOR_E4211_Spring_2014_Syllabus.pdf

The objective of the course is to teach basic and advanced techniques in commercial and government consulting. Each case study will be supported by series of lectures focused on developing skills in collecting and analyzing client/market data, client interview techniques, and how to apply quantitative and qualitative methodologies to a range of canonical consulting engagements. Over the semester students will be exposed to critical skills on work plan development, interview techniques, presentation deck preparation, costing, and the application of analytic techniques to solve complex problems.

The course will unfold as a series of commercial/ government consulting assignments where the students in small teams will take on a real world analysis and present their results. The student teams will create their own work plan and seek alternate sources of information to complete each assignment. The final exam will be conducted as a team proposal effort to win work based on cost realism and technical approach.

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