Ally Olney

Career Services Graduate Intern
Wednesdays 2pm - 4pm

Ally Olney is currently an M.A. student at Teachers College in Social- Organizational Psychology. Ally received a B.A. from UC Santa Barbara in Communication and History. Her previous career before entering grad school was in FinTech recruiting in San Francisco, CA. 

Ally is very passionate about working in tech and having a career that focuses on employee engagement, executive/managerial coaching and organizational development.

Ally is happy to edit resumes, review cover letters or discuss a career in tech (& any other industries that you may be interested in) during her Office Hours: Wednesdays 10:30am-12:30pm.

500 W. 120th St., Mudd 315, New York, NY 10027    212-854-2942                 
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