Admissions Questions

What type of students do you look for?
The Columbia IEOR graduate programs look for candidates with a background in engineering, mathematics, computer science, statistics, economics, finance, or other similar quantitative fields.

What are the pre-requisites?
All applicants to all our graduate programs should have a solid foundation in mathematics, including multivariate calculus, linear algebra (MATH V2010 or its equivalent) and probability and statistics (IEOR E3658 & IEOR E4307, IEOR E4150 or their equivalent). Some programming proficiency is desirable, such as Python, R, etc.   

When will I know the decision? 
PhD applicants will be notified of their admissions decision or contacted for more information late-February to early-March. The M.S. programs (Financial Engineering, Management Science & Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research) applicants for the Fall semester will be notified of their admissions decision or contacted for more information mid-March to late-April.

Do you recommend preparatory math classes?
For applicants who have not taken a math course for several years, we do recommend some type of refresher course in order to excel in the program. If you are required to take a math course as part of conditional acceptance to the program, we will accept the grades from any accredited college or university. For high quality courses offered online, we recommend Columbia Video Network.

Is there a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) for application?
Yes, a 3.0 (out of 4) GPA is preferred. Most successful applicants have a GPA higher than 3.0. 

Is work experience required?
For MS applicants: While not required, we do recommend that prospective students have some professional experience, either in the form of a full time position or an internship.

For PhD applicants: For PhD studies, research experience is more valuable than work experience.

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